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About Alex 

I'm Alex, a mum of 3; to Gus: 6, and twins, Teddy and Lola: 4.

I worked with children for several years in my late teens/early 20’s, which fed my imagination and led me to write my first children's book: Ant and Feather (not published…. YET!). Whilst sitting by the pool, at my parent’s home in Spain, I watched an ant carrying a feather. The next thing I knew, I was at a computer typing away. When returning, sometime later, I read the rather bizarre story to my parents. Although a little surprised by my latest venture (there's been a few!), they were really quite impressed.

At the age of 22, I moved to London to carry out my childhood dream of becoming a London Firefighter. When I wasn't running into burning buildings (or rescuing birds from gutters), I would be sitting at a desk, writing weird and wonderful children's stories; needless to say, I never did quite fit in with station life.

Following in my parent's footsteps, with their love for property renovation, I purchased my first wreck of a flat, in Peckham, at the age of 24. After 5 years, I decided to leave The Fire Service and became an estate agent (suddenly people became less interested in discussing my line of work). This is where I met her husband, Bob. We had our first child Gus, moved back to my hometown of Tunbridge Wells, and 22 months later we saw the arrival of twins Teddy and Lola (3 under the age of 2).

Not one for an easy life, I set up a property company, giving me the freedom to stay at home with the kids and to also pursue my writing.

When I set eyes on Hannah's illustrations (an old friend from Tunbridge Wells), I immediately knew that we'd make the perfect collaboration. We worked together to create our debut book: Why, oh why, am I a crocodile?

With the huge success of Why, oh why, am I a crocodile? we decided to join forces again and published our second book: Insects, Bugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Alex Brooks
Alex Brooks
Hannah Worsley Alex Brooks

Alex and Hannah on the same page!

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